When ever I run across a one room school house, I stop and take a picture. Like big wooden barns, they are fast disappearing and I feel the need to document them before they completely disappear from the landscape. I am fortunate so many in Kansas were constructed of native stone and have weathered time and Kansas weather well.

I have loved one room schoolhouses since I was a child and my Grandma told me stories about attending a one room schoolhouse. She rode a horse to school and talked about plodding through snow drifts as high as the horse. Her sister, my Great-Aunt Agnes taught in a one room schoolhouse.

Schoolhouses evoke sweet memories of a simpler time. I hope you enjoy these pictures. Feel free to contact me with stories, pictures or locations of other Kansas schoolhouses at
ksfarmgirl@live.com or to request permission to link to this site or use photos.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Frankfort Kansas One Room School House District #35 Built in 1870

On our way to visit Alcove Springs, we drove through Frankfort, Kansas. Frankfort is an absolutely charming little town. The town park contains Frankfort's First School House, District #35 which was built in 1870. 

The park contains a lot of the playground equipment I remember from my childhood plus a very new, elaborate playground and swimming pool.  

I wish we had time to explore the town and to visit the Fudge Shop. This town definitely is on my list of Kansas towns to revisit. 

Rocky Ford School House 1903 Manhattan Kansas

Rocky Ford School House 1903 
24 Highway, North Side of Manhattan, Kansas

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Highland School, Melvern, Kansas

This former one room schoolhouse is located near Walnut & Blake in Melvern, Kansas, Osage County. I was told by a local resident the school was moved to this location. I do not know where the school was originally located.

Abandoned One Room Schoolhouse near Garnett, Kansas

This abandoned one room Kansas schoolhouse is located just East of Garnett, Kansas in Anderson, County.  The schoolhouse is near the intersection of NE Osage & NE 1750 Road. 

I like it best in black and white.

Osage County, Kansas Tin One Room Schoolhouse

This former Kansas one room schoolhouse has been completely covered in tin. The name is unknown. The school is located 5 miles East of Lyndon, Kansas on K-268. 

Wamego, Kansas One Room Schoolhouse, District No. 71 A.D. 1885

Former one room schoolhouse located at Highway 99 and Wells Creek Road, outside Wamego, Kansas, name unknown. 

Hinerville, Kansas, District 15, 1898 One Room Schoolhouse

This historic one room Kansas schoolhouse is located at 28001 Hinerville Road, Alma, Kansas 66401, only 1/8 mile off I-70 on Highway 99. It looks like the building was used as a retail business most recently.