When ever I run across a one room school house, I stop and take a picture. Like big wooden barns, they are fast disappearing and I feel the need to document them before they completely disappear from the landscape. I am fortunate so many in Kansas were constructed of native stone and have weathered time and Kansas weather well.

I have loved one room schoolhouses since I was a child and my Grandma told me stories about attending a one room schoolhouse. She rode a horse to school and talked about plodding through snow drifts as high as the horse. Her sister, my Great-Aunt Agnes taught in a one room schoolhouse.

Schoolhouses evoke sweet memories of a simpler time. I hope you enjoy these pictures. Feel free to contact me with stories, pictures or locations of other Kansas schoolhouses at
ksfarmgirl@live.com or to request permission to link to this site or use photos.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Highland School, Melvern, Kansas

This former one room schoolhouse is located near Walnut & Blake in Melvern, Kansas, Osage County. I was told by a local resident the school was moved to this location. I do not know where the school was originally located.

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  1. Love your blog dedicated to schoolhouses....it was so much fun to see some of the interiors of the buildings!!! I actually live across the tracks in the original stone schoolhouse in Melvern built in 1870.