When ever I run across a one room school house, I stop and take a picture. Like big wooden barns, they are fast disappearing and I feel the need to document them before they completely disappear from the landscape. I am fortunate so many in Kansas were constructed of native stone and have weathered time and Kansas weather well.

I have loved one room schoolhouses since I was a child and my Grandma told me stories about attending a one room schoolhouse. She rode a horse to school and talked about plodding through snow drifts as high as the horse. Her sister, my Great-Aunt Agnes taught in a one room schoolhouse.

Schoolhouses evoke sweet memories of a simpler time. I hope you enjoy these pictures. Feel free to contact me with stories, pictures or locations of other Kansas schoolhouses at
ksfarmgirl@live.com or to request permission to link to this site or use photos.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Snokomo One Room Schoolhouse located in Waubaunsee County 1883

The Snokomo one room schoolhouse is located just off of I-70.  Take theSnokomo Road Exit 335 and turn South about 3/4 mile.  The old limestone school is located about 8 miles South of Paxico, Kansas. The red pump stand and well date from about 1900 and is still operational.

The ivy covering parts of the limestone make this one of the most attractive one room schools I have visited.

A sturdy outhouse.

The school was completely restored in the 1970's but then was damaged by a tornado on April 26, 1991.  The school was repaired and still stands surrounded by pasture ground.

School District #24 was organized in 1869 and a log structure was built.  
This more substantial building was erected in 1883. 

The school is located on the National Register of Historic Places at:

More pictures of the school at NPS:

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